The Story

Jessica and her companions Markus and Mike visit an abandoned factory. But the lost place turns out not to be that lost. Natalia Orlow and her paramilitary army try to hide a bigger secret. And they will keep anybody from leaving the facility alive.

The course of events turns out to follow one evil plan of one desperate person. And Jessica herself is the key to its fulfilment. To avert the worst, Jessica needs to fight. For her friend Markus. For her father. And for her life. Until there is only ONE SHOT LEFT.


Viviana Ross as Jessica Sterling

Maik van Epple as Mike Tyrell

Benedikt Blaskovic as Dr. Markus Jaeger

Kathrin Anna Stahl as Natalia Orlow


Director and Writer: Manuel Vogel

Producer and Cinematographer: Konrad Simon

Production Company: Nomis GmbH


Stunt and Fight Coordinator: Siegfried Polap

Music Composer: Jonas Grauer

Production Design: Isabel Eichinger

Costume Design: Silvana Jost

Make Up, Hair, SFX-Make Up: Daniel Eisenmann


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